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Meet Your Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our combined expertise and unique perspectives have proven to be invaluable in providing solid solutions for strata buildings.

Carol Dobell

Managing Broker (Strata and Rentals)

carol  Carol has always been one to follow her dreams.  In fact, she had moved 80 times by the time she was just 18 years old!  Starting off in jolly old (England), she has since lived in Australia, New Guinea, and finally Canada.  Saved the best for last!

Carol’s vast resume includes an Engineering Drafting degree from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, being an independent insurance adjuster, and the owner of two successful retail locations.   In addition to this, she knows the Residential Tenancy Act and the Strata Property Act & Regulations extremely well.

Carol loves to travel, particularly to sunny climes, and may even participate in a little scuba diving (obviously she has never seen the movie “Open Water”!).  Now happily settled in Victoria with Jim, she’s done with being a mover, and is pouring all her energy into shaking up the property management scene!

Alannah Dobell

Associate Broker (Strata and Rentals)

    We have added another family member to our team, Alannah.  Alannah has spent nine years working and teaching in aquatic positions with the Lifesaving Society of Canada, becoming one of only a handful of people in B.C. teaching at the highest level.  While working hard in the aquatic industry, Alannah was enrolled full time at Camosun and graduated after two years with a business diploma.  They say that there is nothing like travelling to expand your knowledge!   She has visited more 30 countries on four continents, giving her a well rounded understanding of other societies and people, in general, along with a few dare-devil experiences!  Alannah is energetic, financially responsible and just dipping her toe into the real estate market with the purchase of a strata unit to call home!

Jim Dobell

(Licensed Strata and Rental Property Manager)

jim  An Alberta transplant, the west coast has (like so many of us) drawn Jim to the temperate shores.  He grew up in West Van, but now finds the island life much more suitable—the perfect mix of work and outdoor activities!

Multi-talented chap that he is, Jim explored his career options, and after spending considerable time owning and running restaurants he settled into a 26-year career as an independent insurance adjuster.  During his tenure, Jim acquired an extensive knowledge of construction, property maintenance, and the complex vagaries of dealing with contractors.  He honed his skills in navigating the complicated intricacies of risk management and the claims processes.

Just to add a little cool to his resume, in his early 20’s, Jim and four of his friends rebuilt a 32′ sailboat and sailed to Hawaii!  These guys are lucky to be alive!  Oh, the tales they can tell …………But that’s for another time!

In 1993 Jim swept Carol off her feet with his charm and sense of humour, and the two have been a dedicated team ever since, now delivering exemplary property management to southern Vancouver Island.

Lisa Drover

Accounting Manager

(Licensed Strata and Rental Property Manager)

Bookkeeping is a tenacious and detail-oriented career, which drew Lisa in from the time she was just a wee girl playing “Office” with her sister and neighbourhood friends!  She drew up a budget for her allowance, and even made some suggestions to Mom and Dad, but perhaps didn’t really appreciate the input on fiscal responsibility at such a tender age (cue the long suffering sigh!).

Now, she targets her eagle eye for numbers and details on Oakwood’s financials.  She ferrets out and resolve any discrepancies in a multitude of accounts, loves learning slick new computer programs, technology, and accounting software to keep herself on the cutting edge—because for Lisa, “this isn’t just a job, it’s my career, and I take pride in always doing a great job, and always improving my skill set.”   She loves to read and is continually adding to her list of credentials and accomplishments.

So what does this gal do for fun?  Lisa is a creative soul.  Hey, it can’t all be about numbers!  When she’s not creating masterpieces in cross stitch (remember, she’s all about attention to detail!), she is mentally planning a tropical adventure.  Where will it be?  Hawaii?  Cuba?  Belize? The south of Italy?  How’s a girl supposed to choose?

Oh, and the last thing to mention, simply because it’s the last thing you’ll notice about this incredibly dynamic woman with a impish smile is, as Lisa puts it “I’m differently abled, but never disabled”.  An accident many years ago wreaked havoc on her knees, and while it has slowed her down a bit, nothing keeps her down for long.  “It didn’t make one whit of difference to Carol when I interviewed for the job,” Lisa confides with a big smile.  “She saw my determination and abilities before anything else.”

Also a dedicated auntie, Lisa is just mad about her dozen nieces and nephews.   It’s a good thing she is good with numbers, as that’s a lot of birthdays to keep track of!