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Why We’re the Bees Knees!

You’ve scrounged and saved and finally bought yourself that condo—a place that is truly yours.  No small feat in today’s market!  Congratulations!

You’ve painted every room, hung stylish new art work and maybe you’ve even adopted that first pet, your steadfast little companion.

This is more than a place you live, it’s a place you take fierce pride in.

So, your property management company?   Better know their business inside and out.

We’re all about hard work.  Looking for honesty & integrity in business?

You’ve found it.

Because providing stellar customer service means getting our hands dirty from time to time.  Sitting behind a desk and shuffling papers all day simply isn’t good enough.  And frankly, you deserve more.

Just imagine no more:

  • Hearing “I’m sorry, but we’re no longer managing smaller stratas.  They’re just not … viable.”  Say what?
  • Waiting days to get a call back or return email from your property manager.
  • Mismanagement of repair/remediation projects that end up costing thousands more than it should.

We think you deserve better.   We’re small, local, and completely committed to you. We know that Victoria is about community and relationships, and that treating people with care and respect is the most important commandment of business.

Let us prove to you that our word is as good as gold. 

  • No in-house maintenance division – We have a retainer of trusted, reasonable, but independent contractors that are available quickly to deal with emergencies or perform scheduled maintenance.   We believe it is not in the strata’s best interests to use an in-house maintenance division, as there is no incentive to be competitive and provide top-notch quality work.
  • We’re based right here in Victoria – We live here. We work here.  We shop here.  So we understand the market, the neighbourhoods, and municipal rules (don’t forget, 13 different mini cities within the city!)
  • No strata is too small – There is no corporate head office imposing rules about the size of properties we can manage.  While other companies may be leaving the smaller stratas behind, we are thrilled to work with you.
  • You will never, ever get an answering service – There will always be a live person on the other end of the phone.  No answering service.  No “mail jail” telling you to press option 1.  Just a friendly helpful voice, even if it’s 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  Disclaimer from Carol:  “There is an odd time that you may get my voice mail, like if there is a natural disaster … or I’m in the shower!  In which case, please leave your name, and I’ll call you back!”
  • No Complicated Exit Clauses in our Contracts – Many property management companies will require stratas to hold a Special General Meeting and get a three quarter vote to nullify a current contract.  At Oakwood, we just don’t see any need for this.  If you’re not happy, then you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or walk on hot coals to make it happen.  But we’re confident that leaving is the furthest thing from your mind!
  • Expertise and Experience – We are motivated, enthusiastic, and really love what we do.  We have the experience minus the jaundiced viewpoint and self entitlement that many multi-generational companies display.  We chose to start this company to fill a need in Victoria and are having way more fun than the competition!
  • Strata Property Act & Regulations and Residential Tenancy Act – We make it our business to know these complex, technical, and ever-changing documents inside and out, so we can make the best financial, budgeting, maintenance recommendations for your investment.


Contact us today and let us prove to you that strata management can be a headache-free and worry-free experience that won’t empty your wallet.