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Welcome to

Oakwood Property Management

Property management done differently.

 Property Management Done Right!!

Whether your strata complex is large or small you’ll receive:

  • Unwavering attention to detail
  • Targeted expertise
  • A steadfast commitment to provide results to you in a timely fashion… and with it, you’ll get hard work and enthusiasm–because we love what we do!

Oakwood Property Management is a boutique, local, family run, property management firm.  Boutique doesn’t mean without talent, experience or resources!  Boutique means we can easily customize our services for each of our clients without having to wait for permission from a national office in another province.  We can instantly make decisions that benefit our clients.

We have experience and superior, timely communication.  These are essential ingredients for us to be of value to your strata corporation.  Providing assistance to your strata corporation in navigating the increasing complexities of strata management is crucial to the successful administration of your collective personal asset.

At Oakwood Property Management we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.  We believe the time to do something is immediately upon receipt of instructions.   Knowledgeable communication is where we shine!  In this day and age of technology there is really no excuse for untimely replies or lack of response.  We carry technology with us – you can get hold of us by email or cell phone 24/7 – we are not reluctant to give out our cell phone number!    Rapid communication with accurate facts and solutions can alleviate escalating problems and provides information for others to proceed with their work.

Our staff has an outstanding knowledge of the current state of affairs for strata management in British Columbia.  While we are not walking encyclopedias we do have a comprehensive knowledge of the Strata Property Act and accompanying Regulations including all recent and upcoming changes and requirements.  We constantly ensure our knowledge is current and accurate.  We attend industry seminars and workshops continually and review legal opinions with respect to recent changes and court decisions concerning strata corporations in B.C.

We have been involved with several strata Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) decisions, with one of them relating to smoking, being precedent setting.

Two of our staff members have had extensive experience with insurance – Jim Dobell was an independent insurance adjuster for 26 years and Carol Dobell was an independent insurance adjuster for 7 years.

We will work hard for you and will rely on the results of that hard work in order to keep you as a client.

Our belief is that not only is a stellar code of ethics something to be adhered to in business, but in life overall.  It is personal beliefs and actions that a person subscribes to throughout all areas of their entire life that governs them – there cannot be one set of ethics for business and a separate one for personal!

If you’re not completely happy with the service you’ve received from Oakwood, simply give us notice.  That’s it.  No jargon-filled clauses in your contract to make it difficult.  For stratas this means theres no need for a Special General Meeting and a three-quarter vote to get rid of a property manager – that’s waaay too much work.  If you’re not happy with Oakwood we want you to have the freedom to find your property management elsewhere.

But we’re betting that you won’t.

We work hard for you.  Because a happy client makes for a good night’s sleep all round!!!!!

Take a gander at what clients have to say!  And we didn’t even pay them to say it.


“With pleasure I can report that our strata thinks you are the Best!!  Personally I’ve been on a variety of BC strata councils for 23 years and haven’t met anyone half as competent as you.  Lisa is the best accountant, too  (imagine receiving statements within 24 hours of month end!).  We are so lucky to have fallen into Oakwood’s world.”                                            Lee L., Strata Treasurer

“After being self-managed for twenty-five years, our strata hired Oakwood Properties to take over the management of the building. It has proved to be a wise choice. Carol Dobell and her staff provide us with exactly the services we need and do so efficiently and in a timely fashion. It is a relief to Council to be relieved of the mundane tasks that have taken up so much of our time, so that the owners can pursue their individual concerns knowing that our strata’s interests are being given professional attention.  I can recommend Oakwood Property Management without reservation to those who find themselves in need of a management company.”

Stephen Frick, Strata President

 Thank you Carol… I have to say that you are the most efficient property manager I have dealt with so far in my 19 years of experience as a Realtor.  Well done!  Thanks again.                                                                                                                                   Goran Tambic, Realtor, Victoria

 Carol; I just want to let you know how much I appreciated your support and assistance with the AGM. Your information about the importance of current Depreciation Reports was really useful.  It established your reputation as a knowledgeable person to consult on strata matters.  Thanks again.                                                      Bill S., Strata President, Broadmead

 “From our very first meeting with Carol, we were impressed with her friendly, outgoing, professional manner. She efficiently transitioned from our previous management company taking all the headaches out of the process for us.  She had dealt with these changeovers such as ours during her long history of property management and was able to simplify operations for us. Nothing was too much for Carol; she went above and beyond the call of duty when taking over, and still does. She took an interest in all aspects of the building, even getting to know not just the directors, but also other owners in the building, understanding that when residents are happy, buildings run smoothly. We have employed Carol and her staff for three years now and have always found them easy to work with. They respond immediately to our communications, and Financial Statements are always promptly sent out within a week following our month end. The staff are always friendly, helpful and courteous. When a major project was being undertaken, Carol took an interest in it, even stepping in to help when Directors were not available. It gives us great pleasure to recommend Carol Dobell and her staff at Oakwood Property Management.”

Donna M. and Tricia T., Directors – Co-Operative Housing

 We appreciate all the hard work you’ve done throughout the year to keep our building running smoothly; you’re always here at a moment’s notice if something happens which is fantastic.  I don’t know how we ever managed without you in the early days.                    Jo and Geoff, strata owners

 “Oakwood is great. They are professional, prompt, courteous, are great at communicating with us when something is wrong, and we have had nothing but a good experience with them. They send us pictures of the place and update us regularly. They send monthly financial statements and a yearend statement for taxes. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a property manager.”                                             Angela & Jon Krueger (Victoria homeowners)

 “Oakwood Management treats my investment as their own.  Through their years of experience, contacts with contractors, and outstanding work ethic, they run my apartment building at its fullest potential.  They address issues quickly and efficiently, keeping the landlord and tenants informed.  With difficult issues, I trust their judgement, and the results are always much better than I ever hoped.  I initially hired the company because I moved out of town, but I have been so impressed that, if I move back to Victoria in the future, I will ask Oakwood to continue managing the building.”                                                                 Leah S., Apartment building owner

“Oakwood is an excellent property management company. I’ve used others, but I found Oakwood to be the best by far. Carol is responsive, diligent, and goes the extra mile in making sure you are a happy customer. They get multiple quotes on work and ensure your costs are low and take care of your property without racking up your bills. I’ve been very satisfied. I highly recommend Oakwood.”                                                                         Daniel T., Two residential properties

“I had used the same large property management company for my rental houses for many years, but had always felt there was a lack of the personal touch. As well, my property manager kept changing. The building where I live (and where I am on the Board of Directors) had a bad experience with its property manager, and on a recommendation from a director at a similar building, changed to Oakwood Property Management. I could see immediately this was no ordinary property management company, and that its owner, Carol Dobell, provided that all-important personal touch. So I took the plunge, and put my rental houses with Oakwood; I have been more than pleased with the move. Carol looks after the details, arranges tradesmen promptly and efficiently, and Lisa does a fine job at looking after the Statements. It’s a move I have not regretted. I particularly like that Carol takes a personal interest in seeing that jobs are well done before the accounts are paid. Too bad all property management companies could not take a leaf out of Carol’s book.”                                 Tricia T., two residential rental properties

Thank you for all your hard work since 2014. I have always liked you, not only as our property manager but also as a career woman. A good boss for your employees and kind problem-solver for homeowners!                                                                                   M. Goh, strata lot owner

Carol was fantastic as our landlord and was super easy to deal with at all stages of our three year tenancy. We always appreciated how professional and responsive she was, and how she always took our issues seriously. She conducted regular reviews and continually checked in with us to make sure the unit was kept in great condition. We would recommend her as a property manager to anybody!                                                                                     Megan C. (Past Tenant)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional expertise and tactful help over the past six years.                                                                                 Michelle B. (past tenant)

Thanks so much for your support and for the profoundly positive experience it has been working with you over the last few years                                                                Darryl S. (past tenant)

At Oakwood Property Management, our word is our bond. 

And while this may seem like an old-fashioned notion, exceptional client service will never go out of style.  It’s just a little hard to find these days.

Contact us today and let us prove to you that property management can be a headache and stress free experience that won’t empty your wallet.

Price makes us competitive.
Exceptional client service makes us the best choice!

We are proud members of the Condominium Home Owners Association of B.C. (CHOA) and the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA)

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