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Property Management Services

Everybody has rented a home at some point in their life.  It was good enough… back then.  It didn’t truly matter that you couldn’t paint the walls, or that the neighbours were noisy, or every nail in the wall equated to a nail in your coffin on the final move-out inspection.

But now, at this stage in your life, you want more:

A home to call your own, where you’re in control.

An investment that may actually reap some rewards before retirement hits.

A source of pride.

A sense of ability, achievement, and arrival.

Owning a home on Vancouver Island is no small feat.  You should be proud!

We get that.  We’ve worked hard to build a life on Vancouver Island — just like you.  We understand the pride you take in making that leap to own property in one of the most expensive cities in Canada.

And we understand that your top priority is protecting that investment.

Welcome to Oakwood Property Management

Doing Business Beyond Expectation

...with all the bells and whistles that perhaps you forgot existed

We provide complete, worry-free property management, because you’ve got enough to deal with just living life.  Whether you’re a home owner that has to move across (or out of!) the country, a strata corporation looking for service beyond the ordinary, or you hold a commercial property that needs a watchful eye and guiding hand, we will go the extra mile for you, each and every day.  We know that having a property sit vacant can be disastrous.  We understand that not getting that rent cheque on time can mean the difference between just barely surviving and actually thriving.



 Contact us today and let us prove to you that property management can be a headache and stress free experience that won’t empty your wallet.