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Residential Management Services

Our portfolio of residential properties includes high end, contemporary stratas and single family homes.  We also manage executive duplexes and upscale acreage homes in all areas of Greater Victoria (including waterfront in Uplands and both sides of the Saanich peninsula)


If you have to leave Vancouver Island for a job, contract work, to care for a sick parent, or perhaps to fulfill that dream of living in Europe for a couple of years, you may not necessarily want let go of your little piece of paradise here on the island.  So don’t.  Let us navigate those turbulent rental waters for you so you can take your sabbatical, stress and worry free.  We take care of all of the details including:

  • Advertising your property on our website, as well as other internet forums for maximum exposure
  • Thorough tenant screening and placement  (including credit, employment, and previous landlord checks)
  • Collection of security, pet, and rental deposits prior to tenancy commencement
  • Monthly rental collection
  • Negotiation and signing of lease agreements on your behalf
  • Regular property inspections to ensure your property is being well cared for
  • Dealing with maintenance and minor repair issues (including emergencies in the middle of the night!)
  • Notification of major repairs/renovations that are needed, with contractor quotes submitted for approval prior to the commencement of any work
  • Monthly financial remittance to the owner of the rental income
  • Monthly income and expense statements
  • Move in/move out documentation and condition inspections
  • 24 hour emergency call services


  • Ensuring that tenant is aware of strata bylaws
  • Dealing with strata council
  • Dealing with strata corporation property manager

Our fee is based on gross rents.


If you’re not looking for ongoing management, and simply need a reliable tenant located and placed, we provide the following services:

  • Advertising your property on our website and several other internet forums for maximum exposure
  • Conduct showings of the property to prospective tenants
  • Conduct thorough credit/employment checks, and review landlord references
  • Complete rental or lease agreement on behalf of the owner
  • Collect the security, pet, and rental deposits prior to tenancy.

Our fee is based on the gross rent plus the cost of advertising and credit checks.


It’s our job to know all the rules, so you don’t have to.  If you are a non-resident of Canada, a portion of your monthly rental income must be paid to the Canada Revenue Agency (and we all know how cranky they get if they don’t get their money on time!).

We offer monthly remittance services to CRA.  As your property managers, we will collect the rent, remit to CRA and electronic transfer the balance to a Canadian financial institution of your choice.  We will file NR6 and NR4 forms on your behalf.  This is a stand-alone service and does not include any other property management functions.



Our inspection services include a schedule of inspection visits as part of your contract, with notification of each inspection visit at least 24 hours prior.  The interior and exterior of the property is inspected.

The 3 levels of inspections:

MONTHLY – Exterior home inspection:

  • Viewing of:  landscaping (weeding, mowing, trimming), recycling/garbage/debris, exterior doors/windows/window screens, gutters/downspouts/roofing/siding/fencing, and overall curb appeal of the property in comparison to other properties in the immediate area.

QUARTERLY – Interior/exterior property inspection with attention to immediate maintenance issues.

  • General check of:  landscaping (weeding, mowing, trimming), recycling/garbage area, general debris on property, doors/windows/window screens, gutters, downspouts, roofing, siding, and fencing.
  • General check of: floor coverings, walls/doors/door hardware/closet doors, windows, lighting fixtures, fireplace, appliances, and water leaks (sinks/bathtubs/toilets).

ANNUAL – Interior/exterior inspection with particular attention to long-term maintenance issues.

  • General check of gutters, downspouts, roofing, siding, fencing, retaining walls, chimney, siding, windows & trim, driveway, doors, and landscaping.
  • General check of walls, ceilings, floors, doors, lighting fixtures, source of heat functional in each room, kitchen/laundry appliances, bathroom/kitchen cabinets,  and plumbing fixtures.
  • Obtain trade specific quotes and make recommendations for replacement/repair/painting of required areas.
  • With all property inspections, we will email a detailed report, including recommendations and any necessary photographs, to the owner.

This is a stand-alone service and does not include any other property management functions.

Contact us today and let us prove to you that property management can be a headache and stress free experience that won’t empty your wallet.